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Chris Atton Bringing Alternative Media Practice to Theory: Social Movements, Communities and their 'Journalisms'

(Re)Thinking the notion "Alternative"

Natalie Fenton Mediating Hope: New Media, Politics and Resistance
Pantelis Vatikiotis Democratic Public-Mediated-Space and Alternative Media
Linus Andersson Alternative Media/Alternative Public Spheres
John Downing

Social Movement Media: Achievements and Issues

New Media and New Publics

Hanno Hardt

Talk. New media and the decline of conversation
Tobias Olsson Alternative vs. Mainstream: A Comparative Study of Young Activists' Use of Traditional and New Media
Andrej Škerlep,
Tanja Oblak
Contribution of New Media to Dialectics between Publics and Counterpublics

Political Activism and Alternative Media

Anthony Quinn Indymedia Ireland and the CIA Extraordinary Rendition Programme
Ruth Heritage Video Activist Citizenship and the 'Undercurrents' Project in late 1990's Britain
Jasna Babič,
Julija Magajna
Media Activa: Forms of Media Activism in Slovenia
Nicholas W.

Conceptual and Technological Transformations of Community Media and Their Utilization by Social Movements: Reflections Across Time

Alternative and Mainstream Media

Nicolas Harvey Alternative Mass Media and Worldwide Mobilization: The difficult Crusade of Le Monde Diplomatique against Neoliberalism
Larisa Ranković The Prospects for the Development of Alternative Media in Serbia
Yuliya Filippovska The Changing Role of Mass Media in Times of Social Transformation and Development (Examples from Ukraine)

Community Radio/Community Media Practices

Gergely Gosztonyi Community Radio in Hungary as a Way for Community Development
Mashilo Boloka Monitoring and Evaluating Community Participation in Development Media Projects: Some Reflections on Community Radio in South Africa
Jarkko Bamberg

Experimenting New Participation Practices – Case of Nurmi-Sorila
Pauliina Lehtonen Learning Communities – Experiences of Civic Innovations and the Internet
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