Gergely Gosztonyi
Faculty of Law, Eötvös Lóránd University of Science,
Budapest, Hungary and
Managing Director of Civil Radio, Budapest

Community Radio in Hungary as a Way for Community Development

"A community radio is 90% community and 10% radio"

Community radio is a very powerful way among the social movements for the community development is all countries especially because there is a huge mythb about broadcasting. These kind of radios can show to the society that it is possible to use the microphone as a public action in a civil way. We have to destroy the myth around broadcasting. We have to and can show that the idea of broadcasting and the reality are not far from each other.

I like to present the history, the current situation and the legal background of Hungarian non-profit radios in three main chapters.
1) From the times of the state-ruled broadcasting until the first pirate radio stations. How was the legal scene before the first Hungarian Media Act in 1996? The start of the first non-profit radio stations in the early nineties.
2) First steps of community radios: their fights and joys. New regulation about the non-profit scene. End of some radios (financial and political problems).
3) Since 2002 a very new possibility arose in Hungary: it's unique in whole Europe. With relatively easy legal and technical conditions everybody can start  and run their own small community radio, so the number of those kind of radios are growing. What are the common points in those new radios? Will there be enough power to run them for long time? There are many questions, we have to find the answers to.

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