Anthony Quinn
School of Media
Dublin Institute of Technology

Indymedia Ireland and the CIA Extraordinary Rendition Programme

This paper examines the partial role of alternative media website Indymedia Ireland (www.indymedia.ie) in the uncovering of the illegal kidnap and transport via European airports of so-called illegal enemy combatants by the US government. It outlines how this node of the Indymedia open-publishing network was used in an international context to expose Ireland's role in the extraordinary rendition programme. The now-accepted existence of these flights has led to on-going national and European Union level enquiries due to likely breaches of human rights law.

Using this case study, the paper compares the media practices that create what the Indymedia network terms radical, accurate, and passionate tellings of the truth with the practices of the commercially-driven media and it's reliance on official sources of information. It is argued that the website operated in a glaring gap that exists due to the lack of serious investigative journalism in both the commercial and public service media in Ireland.

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