Issues in focus

The main idea and focus of the conference is to discuss how developments in the realm of media influenced the terrain for alternative media use, in particular in its relation to citizens' empowerment. This concern will be fused with a perspective on new public settings for activist practices which emerged recently. It is clear that alternative and counteractive engagement brings forth both alternative media uses and transformed spaces of public activity. While such media practices are seen as an empowerment of citizens' potential for public action and an arena to offer alternative media-making, compared to mainstream mass mediation, there exist certain limitations of alternative media resources.

Some of the guiding questions of our discussions will be the following: What are alternative media potentials/limits and how are they related to citizenship? What are their practices in comparison to mass media news repertoire? Can global issues (environmentalism, migration, wars etc.) mobilize vital energies in various local? How these issues resonate in transnational public settings?

Conference program

The final agenda of the conference has been published. Have a look here or download print-ready program leaflet!

Issues in focus
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