In Memoriam Andrej Pinter (1975–2006)

It stroke many of us most deeply to hear that Andrej Pinter died on September 11, 2006. Born on September 5, 1975 he was a prominent scholar, a researcher by heart, and a devoted expert in communication studies. Talent and effort propelled him to the apex of Slovene communication science, while his achievements were also widely known in the international social sciences.

Andrej graduated from the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Ljubljana, where he also concluded his postgraduate studies and was employed as a researcher and assistant at the Social Communication Research Centre. In the last two years he worked as a research associate at the Faculty of Humanities Koper, University of Primorska where he devoted his work to communication theory, studies of public opinion, and, as always, to presentations of critical rationalism.

He was granted awards for his scientific achievements already in his early twenties with one of them being the Prešeren Award for Students, which was bestowed upon him by the University of Ljubljana in 1999. In the mid 1990s he was the editor of Tema, a professional journal for students at the Faculty of Social Sciences, and one of the initiators and a member of editorial boards of journals Tribuna and Zofa.

He was inspired by philosophy of Karl Popper and appeared as a guest editor of Časopis za kritiko znanosti, on Popper’s theory. Professionally he was also known for his engagement as a president of Slovene Communication Association. He organized the first conference of the Association Communication in the Global World (2004) and he appeared as the editor of conference proceedings (2005). The present conference Alternative Media and New Public Settings is a result of his strong engagement to continue the activities of the Association and stimulate its members to new initiatives.

He published a book Sodobne teorije javne sfere (Contemporary Theories of the Public Sphere) (2005). Another important contribution to the development of Slovene social sciences is his translation (1999) of John Dewey’s The Public and Its Problems into Slovene. The book, including the translator’s comments, is the first Slovene translation of an essay written by this American pragmatist.

Andrej’s research findings were published in Slovene and foreign journals. He wrote several scientific articles that were published in prominent foreign journals (Javnost—The Public, International Journal of Public Opinion Research, Journal of Communication Inquiry, to name a few). These earned him invitations to visit research centers and universities abroad and to participate at international scientific conferences. As an assistant associate, he also held lectures on the subjects of public opinion and communication research methodology.

Andrej’s devotion to scientific research was limitless and his engagement in debates an inspiration to many. He will be deeply missed both by those who knew him well as well as by those, in and out of the social sciences, whose knowledge and vision was influenced by him and his work.

The conference is dedicated to his memory.

Mojca Pajnik

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